Welcome to Studio LUX.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere where you can come and escape from the outside world and be pampered in a timeless fashion.

Studio LUX is a place that has a classy, modern and industrial feel. Our vision of the salon is to bring together skilled artists expressing in their crafts. We have created a beautiful space for your business to thrive. With brand new top of the line amenities.

We are a leasing Salon. The artists and stylists that work here are all independent contractors. Building their own businesses and clientele under one roof. Supporting and sharing with the Boise Community, their version of what beauty is, in the industry.

My dream as a little girl when I grew up, was to have a salon and a dance studio. After graduating, there was one option for beauty school in Twin Falls, ID. The requirement was 40 hours a week. I was working full time and had a part time job in order to support myself. The beauty salon dream was placed on hold. Being a performance artist of many genres and a dance and aerial studio owner. In September of 2022, I got an email out of the blue asking if I was interested in a location that had just become available and a yoga studio was suggested for use of the space. That emall sparked and created Boise Hair & Lashes at Studio LUX.
My husband is gifted with making and building things and that is his main profession. When we combine our skill sets together towards a project. Our artistic visions tend to have a real niche. Studio LUX has been a big art project for us to bring to life and to share with the boise community.